6 Ledyard Avenue
Cazenovia, New York
(315) 655-9232

The Brewster Inn

6 Ledyard Avenue

Cazenovia,  NY
(315) 655-9232


Homemade Pies 8

Blueberry                    Raspberry

Coconut Cream                 Cherry Crumb

Chocolate Raspberry Nutella

 Layer Cake 12

with raspberry sauce and hazelnut brittle

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake 9

cherry chip ice cream with 

chocolate sauce & cherry compote

Key Lime Tart 9

Coconut milk ice cream, graham

cracker tuile, with a housemade

tropical granola crunch

Grand Marnier Souffle  12

Light and fluffy, baked to perfection!

Crème Brulee 8

A rich custard topped with a

contrasting layer of caramelized sugar

Bananas Foster 10

Bananas flambéed in brown sugar,

butter, & liqueur over a crepe filled

with vanilla ice cream

Mud Pie 9

Chocolate wafer crust filled with

homemade cappuccino ice cream,

decadently finished with fudge,

whipped cream & slivered almonds

Ice Cream 8

White Chocolate Raspberry

Cazenovia Strawberry

Spiced Chai Latte

Cinnamon Pecan Blondie


Whole pies ($20) and pints 

of ice cream ($6.50)

are also available for takeout

 via our gourmet market.