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What to expect at a Brewster Inn Chef's Table event

The answer is, that you NEVER know what to expect when coming to a Brewster Inn Chef's Table - that is the beauty of it all.

Our goal is take a group of adventurous foodies and ignite an excitement in them about the unique menu of the night. Each menu has a theme to it that is carried throughout the entire dinner.

Size: We make it a priority to keep these dinners small and intimate. We never book more than 30 people at an event, and many times try to keep the numbers anywhere from 12-24 people total. We believe that the "secret spice" that makes the Chef's Tables so wonderful is the one-on-one time with the chef, and we don't intend to change that.

Arrival: Chef's Table starts promptly at 7:00PM, however we do encourage guests to arrive early, peruse the set-up, talk with the chef, and pick out their table.

Seating: We set up tables of every size from 2's t 8's and everything in between. Just because you book for yourself and one guest doesn't not mean your will be dining alone. We encourage a relaxed seating arrangement where you may possibly be sitting with people you don't already know. Trust us, that's part of the fun of it all. You end up meeting fellow foodies from the Central New York area as you go on this culinary adventure together.

Courses: All Chef's Tables will feature 4 listed courses, and two surprise gifts from the chef. The courses will always be listed on the menu and on our website, and typically feature a starter, salad or soup, entree, and dessert, but can vary from week to week. The gifts are never announced prior to the event and are a small-bite surprise the night of.

The Main Event: The central component to it all is that you get a glimpse into the life of a chef. He will walk you through his thought process in each course, share with you his special ingredients, and his preparation techniques. One component to a dish might be buckwheat pasta, or housemade chorizo (hint hint!) and you will watch as he creates everything in front of your eyes. Feel free to call out questions, comments or just cheer him on!

The chef will come around to each table throughout the night to see how everyone is enjoying their food.

Wine Pairing: There is an optional wine pairing for each event that ranges in cost but is typically around $30 per person. This includes 4 glasses of wine, each perfectly paired with every course. The wine pairing is highly recommended, but if you would rather purchase beer, cocktails or other glasses / bottles of wine, you are more than welcome to.

Allergies / Dietary Restrictions: We are a full service restaurant where everything is made from scratch. That means that if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, it is likely that we can accommodate. Upon making your reservations, please let us know if you have restrictions so that we can make the appropriate alterations.

To see all the dates available click here, and to book your reservation, call (315) 655-9232.

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