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Cazenovia restaurant, The Brewster Inn, preps to serve meals on Thanksgiving day

Amanda Chin

Cazenovia — The staff at The Brewster Inn in Cazenovia have been busy prepping for Thanksgiving since November 1.

They're getting ready to serve meals, including to-go meals, for those for may not want to cook on the holiday.

The restaurant has over 2,000 pounds of turkey, 700 pounds of potatoes, 80 gallons of gravy, and a couple hundred pies.

" Thanksgiving is a easy holiday, but it's a lot of work with the numbers we do, so we start prepping on the first day of November," said Stephen Franks, one of the chef owners of The Brewster Inn.

Co-owner Caitlin Gambee says they feed about 1,000 people on Thanksgiving.

"About 500 in the restaurant, and another 500 where the turkeys are going out the door and they're bringing it home," said Caitlin.

Once they added to-go Thanksgiving meals, the owners saw more and more success.

"When they pick it up, the food is literally coming out of the oven as they're walking in to get their food, and we do that 100 times," said Stephen.

Stephen even rents six ovens just to cook the turkeys.

"I cut myself a little section in the corner. I call it turkey town, and then we just, I have one guy that only handles turkey. This way, there's no contamination, and then two guys that just package and we go," said Stephen.

Russell and Nancy Silverman love to either dine-in or take-out turkeys from The Brewster Inn. They've been regulars for over 15 years.

"Last year we came here for dinner, which was wonderful. No rush. I mean, you sit down, and they're ready for you. They take care of you," said Russell.

Since this holiday is such an important time for the Silverman's, a chance to see both of their children, they don't like to go anywhere else but The Brewster Inn.

"Thanksgiving sorta has the five senses. You know, it's sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch, and you get it all on Thanksgiving. We feel that way when we come here," said Russell.

This week, the owners say they'll be busy confirming reservations, and cooking stuffing and other sides before the big day.

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