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Online Restaurant Bookings with Resy

Blasting into the now! Starting February 1, 2022 making a reservation at The Brewster Inn, just got easier!

We are now booking tables via and their fabulous online booking system. Reservations will be available via our website or by searching our name in the database. Named one of 2021's "Most Innovative Companies" by Fast Company, Resy allows for seamless online reservation booking. We feel like we know our customers pretty well, but we love how the system is able to flawlessly recall guest preference, special occasions, notable dates, and preferred seating areas.

About Resy: Resy powers the world’s best restaurants, using technology to imagine the future of hospitality. Resy has revolutionized, elevated and enhanced dining experiences worldwide with its reservation management software and dynamic suite of tools for restaurants (waitlist and table management, web and app booking, ticketing, POS integration). In August 2019 Resy joined the American Express family and together they help restaurants’ businesses thrive. Resy also connects diners to the best restaurants through the Resy app and Diners get access to tables, events, curated content, and insider access to the amazing world of restaurants.

Booking with us:

We prefer to take bookings via our website, resy and also via phone (24/7). Currently, all parties large than 8 people must be booked over the phone. Additionally all reservations for our "1890 Table" or any other exclusive dining event, must be made over the phone.

Our Reservations Policy:

No matter how you book, reservations are highly recommended for dining at The Brewster Inn, as we cannot always guarantee a table to a walk-in party. Although a reservation does secure you a table, we cannot promise a particular area of the restaurant - either indoor or outdoor, porch or tavern, and so on. Preferences will always be noted, but can never be promised. When booking, and upon arrival, feel free to again mention any seating preferences to the host and they will do their best to accommodate.

To see a full list of available dining areas, click here.

Thank you again for a great 2021 season. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2022 and hosting many more special occasions with you and your loved ones.

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