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Repairing The Break Wall

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

We are so excited to announce that starting today, we are working on another big improvement to our property. Over the last few years, our shoreline has been receding because of substantial damage from natural erosion, ice damage, etc.

This has made much of the current stone break wall crumble and fall into the lake. This break wall is not only a beautiful feature to the property, but serves a very important function of defending our shoreline. Without it, more of the sprawling back lawn of the Brewster would be claimed by the lake over the coming years. This we cannot have!

So, thanks to Don Myers and the team at River Rock Docks we are creating a new, stronger break wall out of planking that will last for many years. River Rock Docks was also the team who put in our permanent dock structures, and the look of the new break wall will mirror that ascetic.

After working with the town board, we will also be doing some additional landscaping come spring. It was their desire and recommendation that we plant some bushes, shrubs, and flowers to break up the shoreline and to give the property a more natural look in fitting with the other properties along the water.

The full project should be completed within 4-6 weeks depending on weather and we hope that the town, our guests, and everyone in Cazenovia and beyond will be pleased with the final project. It will make our property not only more beautiful, but much safer and secure from erosion.

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