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Truly Thankful.

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Thanksgiving. It is one of our absolute favorite holidays here at The Brewster Inn, but also one of the most mentally and physically exhausting days of the year. Preparation for the day begin on the first of the month and doesn't stop until 10pm that night.

Reservations for the restaurant rolled in at a record pace this year. We were almost completely sold out of tables in the restaurant by November 1st. We then opened up reservations an hour earlier, at 11am to accommodate more tables. Heading into the day of Thanksgiving we still had a waitlist of over 100 people still looking for tables. Regretfully, we were already operating at capacity.

Before the first light of day on Thanksgiving, the kitchen was bustling with energy. Chef / Co-Owner, Stephen Franks was the conductor to the symphony of food that was being prepared that day. The kitchen hummed to a rhythm that was palpable to anyone walking through. From the turkeys in the oven to the reservations in the restaurant, everything was timed down to the minute to ensure a successful day.


We are beyond thankful for the capable hands we are blessed to have working with us. The restaurant industry is a team sport -- and we have one of the best teams in Central New York. We cannot thank them enough for sacrificing time with their family on this special day.

In total, it took 65 people to make this day happen.

The team to accomplish it is impressive -- 13 Chefs, 12 Dishwashers, 4 Food Runners, 16 Servers, 2 Bartenders, 4 Bussers, 2 Coat Check, 5 Desk Staff, 3 Hosts, and 4 Housekeepers.

The amount of food that was prepared is astounding.

Whole Turkeys - 146 or 2226 lbs. (just over a ton!)

Potatoes Peeled - 1000 lbs. (the size of a bull shark!)

Onions - 400 lbs.

Butter - 150 lbs.

Celery - 72 bunches

Squash - 680 lbs.

Turkey Stock - 65 gallons. (or enough to fill 1040 8oz water glasses!)

Gravy - 50 gallons. (enough to fill a bathtub!)

Stuffing - 500 lbs.

Carrots - 200 lbs.

Bread - 700 loaves. (could cover the length of 7 football fields!)

Cranberry Sauce - 20 gallons.

Corn - 100 lbs.

Green Beans - 2.5 bushels.

Pies - 186

That equated to 970 dinners to-go and 500 dinners in the restaurant.

... and keep in mind that only 1/2 of the people in the restaurant eat turkey. The other 1/2 order steaks, salmon, tuna, pork chops, etc.

Over 1,300 people were fed. (This does not even include the 100+ staff / family / friends that we serve after the day is over.)


It is hard to put into words what this day means to us. We have so many people who trust us to prepare this special meal. Thanksgiving is the time of the year when family and friends come to town -- and sharing a meal with the people you love is the centerpiece to the entire week. We know you want to make everything perfect, and we appreciate you letting us be a part of it all. The part that warms our hearts the most, is that we have become a part of the tradition. We see many of the same families year after year. They tell us how everyone always looks forward to the food we provide. That means a lot.

We are still exhausted from Thanksgiving, but we mean it when we say, our hearts our full!

Thank you to all!

Caitlin, Kirk, Jason & Stephen

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