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Voted "Best Waterfront Dining" & "Best B&B"

First of all -- Thank you! Really, this means a lot to the entire ownership team and each and every one of our 100 employees. Believe us when we say we are proud to have the team that we do. They have been working hard to continually elevate every aspect of the business. From the menu to the rooms, to the market to the gift shop -- every detail is given great attention.

When we got the call from letting us know that we won the Reader's Choice poll for both "Best Waterfront Dining" and "Best B&B" we were speechless. To win in one category by a public vote is exciting, but to win in two categories was such a thrill.

As you may know, over the past few years, we have worked tirelessly to upgrade the outdoor dining space. Summer in Central New York is so fleeting that we want to make the most of it! Over the past few years, we have renovated the upper patio, paved the lower patio, installed gas lines and permanent heating structures. We have expanded the outdoor bar, created a lakeside lounge and began to offer boater take-out delivering your favorites straight to the docks. A path to the water was installed, along with a permanent waterfront boardwalk (to prevent erosion) dotted with rocking chairs. No less than 12 new trees have been planted on property along with an edible flower and herb garden in an effort to keep the space lush and green. We recently graded and re-sodded the back lawn, planted all new roses and hydrangea bushes and even placed an exclusive table just steps from the water for chef-curated dinners.

It is a labor of love -- and one that is well worth the effort. We thank all who voted -- this is truly the icing on the cake and the perfect end to a fabulous 2022 season. We look forward to re-opening the outdoor space in 2023 and continuing to create an even more beautiful space for friends and family to gather.

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