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Brewster Inn Brings Dining Week To The Suburbs

There is no need to go to downtown Syracuse when you can get great food at "Dining Week" prices in Cazenovia. Join us from February 19 through the end of the month for 3-courses off our special menu below for just $25 + tax + tip. YES! Believe it or not, we offer a wide range of great appetizer, dinner, and dessert options!

First Course: choice of one

- Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque

- Grilled Shrimp & Tomato Brushetta

- Prosecco Poached Pear Salad

Entree: choice of one

- U-15 Shrimp & house-made Salmon Sausage with a lemon artichoke cous cous

- Lamb & Pork Bolognese tossed with rigatoni and shaved parmigiana reggiano

- Eggplant Parmesan Rollatini with herb butter ricotta & marinara sauce

Dessert: choice of one

- Chocolate Mint Bomb

- Vanilla Mascarpone Cheesecake

- Lemon Pistachio Tartlet

Menu subject to slight changes. Please always let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies. Most can be accommodated. reservations recommended!

Reservations recommended.

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