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Brazilian Lamb Dinner this Thursday

Sometimes life gives you lamb.

... well, not in most people's lives, but when you work in a restaurant, trust us, it happens.

And why not celebrate with a fun event outside (weather pending) at sunset overlooking the lake? We agree!

Join us at 6:30 PM for a 6-course lamb dinner for $60 per person plus tax and gratuity. Optional beverage pairing for $30 additional. Seating is limited, just 20 spaces for this event, so be sure to sign up.

This creative concept is the first summer installation in our Chef's Table series. The menu was curated by Chef David France and Chef & Co-Owner Stephen Franks. Please see the full menu below. The menu can occasionally be subject to slight changes prior to the dinner.

Set up for family style seating, the Chef's will walk you through their ingredients and methods behind each course. They will give you a description of their process and the unique cooking styles and flavor profiles of South American cuisine. They will describe the challenges and techniques of working with an animal like lamb and display to you the vast array of dishes that can be created from this style of cooking.

First Course:

Sugar cane glazed lamb ribs & lamb empanadas

Soup Course:

Lamb soup with green chilies & black beans

Salad Course:

Lamb loin salad with kale, papaya & cashews

Fourth Course:

lamb sausage with rice

Entree Course:

Roasted lamb leg with cachaca & new potatoes

Dessert Course:

Churro with chocolate & cinnamon

As always, please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies (except if you are allergic to lamb!) and we can surely accommodate.

If weather is not nice, the dinner will be hosted indoors in one of our private dining rooms.

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