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Letter From A Past Employee

We were so delighted to receive this email from a past employee, who worked with Mr. Hubbard in the 1980's. Upon hearing of his retirement, he penned this beautiful letter that we would like to share.

Mr Hubbard, I wanted to congratulate you on your retirement and on a successful career. As a Brewster Alumnus, I have always prided myself on being one of those that were a part of the foundation of such an amazing establishment. In 1987, as a shy teen, I walked into the bar on a weekday and while you prepped for a slow winter day where I am sure you were the bartender, host, innkeeper and maid, you conducted a friendly interview and hired me on the spot. I believe that moment was one great importance, as I had started not only my first real job, but my most influential one. On the first day, I was a bit shellshocked as the noise, smells, and amount of garbage led to dreams of my bedroom being filled with dirty dishes. Brian Shore was the chef at that time and his voice and energies were a lot to cope with. Soon, after coming to understand his “unusual” style of management, I was hooked. That kitchen was the best place in the world to work. I miss the thought of him yelling at us to do push-ups for mistakes, having me try exotic foods, mandating hacky-sack games at break time. His yelling “Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” still echoes in my mind. His memory rings true. I was an employee before the amazing transformations seen at the Brewster today. I helped stain the walls in with the contractor as he converted your apartment into a guest suite, raked weeds from the lake, washed countless dishes and weeded the herb garden. We would walk in before dinner prep began and yell in the great hall, “Mom, Dad, I’m home”. My second home gave me the ability to develop a great work ethic, explore my creativity and love of cooking, experience my first love (and heartbreak), and provided me with a standard where I would love my career, not just have a job. To this day, I remark on my love of working at the Brewster. I tell others I should reimburse you for paying me to be a part of the experience you all gave me. Since you have retired, I want you to know that you gave a service beyond the five star food and lodging everyone enjoyed. You instilled a pride of workmanship and camaraderie in your teen employees that I strive for daily with my career and for those that work with and for me. I haven’t taken my coworkers and staff on a midnight cruise/swim on a party boat before, but if your example is as I see it, maybe I should. I hope they threw you in the lake on your last day as was customary for those we loved to work with and for. You deserve it. Thank you for all you have given and done for Cazenovia, teens and young adults, and especially for me.

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