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Early Spring Chef's Table With Jason Wright

We cannot wait for spring to be upon us! So why not start the celebration early with our "Thinking Spring" Chef's Table.

With Chef & Co-Owner, Jason Wright in charge of the menu -- it was beautifully plated, wonderfully creative, and oh so delicious.

Please see below for the photos of each course.

Course #1: Moroccan Lamb Meatballs with fresh mint & coriander

Course #2: Early Spring Celeriac & Beet Saladwith fresh lemon, chèvre, radish micro greens, macadamia nuts & extra virgin olive oil

Course #3: Carolina Shad Roe with braised pork, favs beans & hazelnut brown butter

Course #4: Milk-Fed Veal Tenderloinwith chanterelle mushrooms,smashed fingerling potatoes& demi-glace

Course #5: Creme Brûlée with local maple syrup

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