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Dining Week Starts Today!

From now until the end of the month, we are offering 3-courses for $30.

Yes, believe it!

Reservations are encouraged as we typically sell out fast. Join us in restaurant (see most updated COVID-19 rules) as we bring you a very special menu.

We love the opportunity and the challenge to create a diverse and inventive menu for our dining week patrons. With 3-5 options per course, guest are invited to choose one item per course to curate their own unique dining experience.

Love our regular menu? Feel free to mix and match options. Pair a dining week menu with some traditional menu items and share with friends and family.

Prefer takeout? Yes, we can easily do this menu to-go as well as in the restaurant.

Wine Specials? You better believe it! The menu is not the only thing discounted during the month of February. We have an ever-changing list of approachable pours at up to 50% off the list price.

...Speaking of ever-changing... our wine specials won't be the only thing to offer new and varied selections. Every few days, as we deem fit, the dining week menu will take off and add on menu items. We have many customers who visit us multiple times from February 15-28th and we love keeping the menu fresh and inventive.

Reservations? Yes please. We fill up fast, so reserve your table today.

Week #1's Menu Below...

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