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More Than A Review...

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We'd like to take a moment to share with you a special review we received recently.

...well, actually let's go back a few months. We got a notification that a Mr. Philip Farley mentioned our restaurant in a group called "CNY Restaurant Take Out Menus During Covid-19".

We had to chuckle when we read the name of the group. It's so straight-forward and to the point, but in all fairness, this was right when all restaurants were mandatorily shutdown, and social media was the best way to figure out who was open for takeout, who was closed, menu details, etc.

But overtime, the group developed into a mini-community where CNY food lovers could find camaraderie knowing that we were all in this together. Most times people would post "Craving chicken riggies, where should I try?" and everyone would jump in to comment about their favorite place. The group evolved to incorporate posts about great takeout experiences during this uncertain time. The majority of posts were positive and uplifting - a great platform drop a message of encouragement to local restaurants who were doing their best to navigate in this new COVID-19 world.

... when this review popped up, it truly made our week.

In a time where everything seemed overly complicated, it was nice to see someone simplify it all. It was a date between a married couple... and despite the barriers to normalcy, these two managed to find enjoyment in their time together just by taking a hike and grabbing some take out. We were honored just to be a part of it. A little motivation for us all!

Then, just this past week, we got another message that warmed our hearts and made us smile.

A big thanks to Philip and anyone else that takes time to write a review. Both the successes and the failures -- we take them all personally. And during COVID-19, there has been no shortage of both. These days we can feel like we are on a boat in the middle of the ocean -- just as we get out footing, another wave comes along, and with it a new challenge. But we are forever grateful for the support and patience of this community.

The goal has always been to bring great food together with stellar service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you for acknowledging our efforts and continuing to support us during these uncertain times. We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed everything, and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

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