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Onward & Upward

We cannot even begin to explain the emotions we've felt over the last week. As new business owners, the mandatory shutdown of all restaurants hit us like a ton of bricks. We know the current COVID-19 situation is dire and will take vigilance on everyone's part to conquer.

This past Monday, the official last night of sit-down dinner business was surreal to say the least. Reservations were dismal to put it kindly, and at 5pm when we opened the doors there was an eerie feel to the whole building. But this community never disappoints.

People came.

They kept their distance, and were respectful of the other customers and everyone's need for space. Our team made sure to treat every customer with the utmost respect during this time.

They showed up, sometimes not even knowing what exactly to do. Some just walked in the door saying "Hi, i'm here to spend money." They were not exactly sure of the capacity we were allowed to function in, but whether it was eating in the restaurant, taking food to-go, or just purchasing a gift certificate to pledge their support -- they wanted to be involved.

Our hearts are exploding to see this community activate to protect one of their own. We've always been proud to be a place where memories are made -- an anniversary, a proposal, a special birthday. Over the last few days we've had so many people come in, call, email to recount a fabulous dinner, a serene overnight, a great bottle of wine, a special moment with family. During this time of uncertainty, it is inevitable that many restaurants will be closing their doors permanently. We are humbled to see our community fight to keep us here.

We'd be lying to say that we aren't worried about the future. We have so many staff that are like family to us and depend on us to get through this time. We are determined to adapt.

Taking the utmost precautions, we will keep our doors open for as long as we safely can. We are continuing to pay as many staff as possible and the ownership team has pledged forgo pay until this is all resolved. Preserving this building, this business, and most importantly this family means more to us than anything right now.

With that said, here is what you can expect from us going forward. We will be open for take-out and delivery only every night from 4-7PM. We will be running our regular menu each night. We have also created a "family style" menu that starts Friday, March 20th as our gift to the community. These hot and ready comfort food items will be available every night of the week. (Full Menu Below) We are doing our best to give the community cost-conscious dinner items. Never did we think we'd be serving up meatloaf - but best believe it will be delicious! Additionally, starting this Friday, we will be running our ever popular fish fry menu every night of the week from 4-7PM. With all orders we ask that you call ahead if possible. We will now be processing all credit cards over the phone ahead of time. Meals will be run to your car or delivered to your house with a grateful smile.

We are also getting to work on projects that we've been itching to do. General maintenance, painting, construction, organization -- any and all odd jobs we can create. There is a little trepidation with spending money during a time when everyone is pinching pennies. But, we are creating jobs for our multi-talented staff who have been nothing less than amazing during this time. And let's be honest, we need to get a little frustration out -- so maybe some demolition projects are just what we need right now!

We don't have all the answers yet, but all we know is that we will do anything and everything in our power to make sure our team is ok. And we are beyond grateful to a community that is helping us accomplish that.

Our phones have been exploding from other members of the community looking to spread the word on to-go orders and offering to be helpful in any way they can. The last days have been a lucid transition of all emotions. We go from moments of optimism, to despair, to sadness, then joy when we see the support of friends and family.

Stay safe. Stay well. Thank you for everything.


Caitlin, Stephen, Jason & Kirk

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Ivan Zburyn
Ivan Zburyn
Sep 15, 2023

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