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Patio Expansion Project Underway

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Cazenovia, NY (April 13, 2021) – For the last 36 years, The Brewster Inn has been known in Central New York for their upscale cuisine and their beautiful outdoor dining space on the southernmost point of Cazenovia Lake.

Thanks to a town board approval on October 26th, The Brewster Inn is delighted to announce that the outdoor space will become even more beautiful as they proceed forward with their patio expansion project.

Photo Credit: Brady Flannery Date: August 2019

“During the summer our outdoors space gets so much use that unfortunately the grass doesn’t stand a chance,” said Co-Owner, Stephen Franks. “The new patio space will not only be an elegant addition to the property, but will also hold up better throughout the busy season.”

Franks, along with partners Kirk Gibson, Jason Wright and Caitlin Gambee agreed that with the growing importance of outdoor dining it was imperative to invest money in making their patio a true showpiece of the property.

Green Scapes Inc. out of Jamesville, New York will be the lead contractors on the project. Their in-house design team came up with the patio concept keeping in mind the historic appeal of the estate. The current design incorporates radiant heating concepts, upgraded handicap accessibility, integration of edible flower gardens, additional storage locations and better disbursement of firepits and heaters.

According to Green Scapes President, Todd Schanbacher, this project will be the largest patio he and this team have ever completed. In total the new patio area will be close to 7,500 square feet encompassing the top tier of the lawn across to the gazebo bar and abutting the bocce court.

“The Team at Green Scapes Inc. is extremely excited to be involved with the design & development of such a beautiful outdoor dining & entertainment area. The Brewster Inn Patio will be the largest heated outdoor fine dining & entertainment spaces in Central New York. The beautiful patio area will be the premier location for outdoor dining, events & weddings for years to come. I can’t wait to enjoy dinner & entertainment on the patio, in all seasons on the shores of Cazenovia Lake. Many thanks to The Brewster Inn for selecting Green Scapes Inc. to create this beautiful space!”

Click here for a video rendition of the project:

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