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Proudly participating in the 2024 Giving Tree event to benefit CazCares

This time honored gift giving tradition in Cazenovia is one of our favorites, and we hope you will join in on the fun!

Each year The Cazenovia Chamber of Commerce partners with local retailers to provide gifts to local children in need. Christmas trees are set up in shops, restaurants and more featuring items desired by local kids for the holidays. The community is encouraged to pick up a tag at one of these retailers and return with a new unwrapped gift. The retailer then brings it Community Bank which transports all the gifts to CazCares by December 1st.

Each year, The Brewster Inn is honored to be a tag pick-up location. We encourage our patrons to get involved along with our staff members. We know that the impact of this event can drastically change a child's holiday and that is something we love supporting.

We always encourage people to shop locally if they can, but for those who may be out of town or prefer to shop online, there is a digital option available this year.

Scan the QR code below to visit the Giving Tree's Amazon wish list! All gift items purchased from here will go directly to the CazCares board for safe transport to the donation facility.

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