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So Long Burger & Beer Monday -- For Now...

After much deliberation from the team, we have decided to "press pause" on Burger & Beer Monday night special from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Trust us, we love Burger Monday, but during the summer months when our restaurant is at maximum capacity, the demand can easily overwhelm our already busy kitchen.

Believe it or not, all of our hamburgers on Burger Monday, come out of a 5-foot within the apps station. Each and every Monday to accommodate the demand, we rearrange that section of the kitchen so that we can quickly fulfill burger orders and expedite them to our customers in a timely manner. Yet in truth, we only have one burger grill and one frier, which is typically adequate, but is constantly overworked on Mondays. Not to mention because of the pandemic, we are seeing beef prices rise rapidly. Monday is a popular night, but recently we are finding that we are so busy that we are having trouble keeping up with the volume of orders.

So, as a team we decided that it was of paramount importance to keep food quality at the highest level, no matter what. With that said, we hope this new approach will offer a happy medium -- better burgers all week long (no more waiting for Monday) as part of a wide variety of great menu options. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we will forgo the traditional burger menu. We will still offer a burger option available on the menu, but now the customer can create their own fun combinations of flavors. Add avocado, crispy bacon, sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms and more to truly personalize your meal.

We also aim to offer a wider breadth of specials each Monday including tuna burgers, salmon burgers, lobster rolls, pulled pork sandwiches and more.

Also keep in mind, that we will also offer some of these “burger items” in the gourmet market as well. Our in-house made tuna burgers and salmon cakes are a great example of that. Snag a few at the market to cook at home with family and friends. We are even happy to offer up tips, tricks, techniques, and more to help you achieve restaurant quality results.

Thanks for understanding.

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