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The Brewster Inn to be featured in movie!

Check out the trailer for Odd Man Rush! Some scenes from the movie were shot at The Brewster Inn! Great little snippet of docks and Cazenovia Lake!

Reposted from article on 7/27/20.

Syracuse, N.Y. -- Todd Slater can’t be sure when his new movie, “Odd Man Rush,” will get a chance to make its premiere in Hamilton.

It could be several months before the coronavirus pandemic eases up to the point where he and his brother, Grant, can return to their hockey home of Colgate. Todd is sure of one thing already, however. He has a good idea about the dress code for the event when it does happen, and formality is not an option. “Hockey pants for this one. I don’t think tuxedos,” Todd said recently. “We want to keep things like they were when we were growing up, just casual and having fun.” That’s a fitting plan for a pair of former hockey players and thesons of legendary Colgate coach Terry Slater. In the meantime, the Slater brothers will have a much bigger market to entertain even if in-person premieres anywhere are out of the question. The pair, who comprise Slater Brothers Entertainment, have finished their latest film and are set for a Sept. 1 digital release. The trailer was released on Tuesday. “Odd Man Rush” is based on the book of the same name, written by Bill Keenan. It follows the story of Keenan’s life, from a scrappy 5-year-old with dreams of making it to the NHL all the way through his college career at Harvard. The cast includes offsprings of two all-time NHL greats: Trevor Gretzky, son of Wayne Gretzky, and Alexa Lemieux, daughter of Mario Lemieux. Parts of the movie were filmed on the campuses of Colgate and Hamilton College. Filmmakers (left to right) Grant and Todd Slater with actor Trevor Gretzky during the filming of the movie "Odd Man Rush." (Courtesy of Slater Brothers Entertainment). “You don’t always know how it’s going to come out until all the pieces are put together,” Todd said. “To chase that dream (of Keenan’s), it’s something we wanted to be very authentic with. I think when we saw the film, we were thrilled with the authenticity standpoint of it.” That veracity comes naturally to the Slaters. They grew up as rink rats while their father coached at Colgate, and Grant eventually played for his father. The brothers honored Terry with a 2013 documentary, “The General.” That film chronicled the 1989-90 Colgate team’s run to the NCAA title game. The current climate, of course, precludes any movies from opening in theaters. But the Slaters are thrilled to have struck a distribution deal that will send their movie out digitally. It will be available via video on demand, iTunes, and Amazon Prime. Todd Slater said it will eventually land on Netflix and Hulu. Slater said “Odd Man Rush” was entirely wrapped up before the pandemic set in. While this isn’t the ideal time for the film-making business, he is counting on two factors for a boost. First, with the recent dearth of live sports, he thinks his film can help fill that craving. Secondly, the stay-at-home urgency plays to the convenience of on-demand entertainment. “For us, it’s kind of the new normal,” he said. “Everyone now is kind of sitting in their living rooms and have their choice (of entertainment). We’re an independent movie. It gives us a large net to expose the film, too. A lot of people have devoured movies. With new content, it gives people a new choice while we’re stuck at home. You still miss going into a movie theater and watching it on a big screen, but as long as you are getting good content out there, that seems to be what people are looking for now.”

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