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Balance & Breathwork Retreat at The Brewster Inn

Updated: 6 days ago

The Brewster Inn is pleased to announce that they will be hosting a wellness retreat on the following dates:

What to Expect: Holistic wellness requires mindful awareness of our mental, emotional and social realities, in addition to addressing the challenges of our physical dimension.  In this workshop, participants will get a chance to explore their wellness through the interconnectedness of their wellness dimensions that include, but are not limited to breath and physical exercises. We invite you to join them and learn techniques that can help all of us in the pursuit of maximizing joy while minimizing unhealthy stress.

The day will be broken up into a few sessions. Guest are encouraged to book both sessions if possible, however can book just one session if they'd prefer.

8AM-9:30AM: Stress & Wellness Breath-work

Based on years of scientific research, the workshop guides you through a progression of techniques that awaken our awareness of hidden stressors and help you manage emotions that lead to unhealthy stress and anxiety. Starting with posture evaluation and progressing to exercise, relaxation, and meditation, the workshop provides tools that connect the dots between our body, mind and spirit, in order to achieve holistic wellness. Learn time-tested techniques that can help you increase your mindfulness and manage any challenge life brings you. For more information, CLICK HERE.

About Al: Al is a fitness veteran with decades of experience and numerous certifications ranging from health coaching and yoga, nutrition, personal training and exercise therapy, among many others. After decades of pursing a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness, he has found that regular exercise and good nutrition are only pieces of a bigger picture.

Al Gonzalez, Kairos Wellness Experience

10AM-11:00AM: Meditation through the chakras

In complement to and with the stress and wellness holistic well-being workshop Janna Weldum of Eagles Guiding Light will be leading a transformative meditation class that will be focused on combining what you have learned about the dimensions of well being and the individual chakras and their alignment. In the meditation she will use breathing, visualization, relaxation, and anchoring techniques to help achieve overall holistic well-being. Through guided meditation you'll learn to harness the power of your chakras to balance mind, body, emotion and spirit and enhance overall vitality. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned meditation veteran this class lends itself to the experience of balance and a true connection with the self. Embrace a journey towards holistic wellness and join us in revitalizing your chakras through meditation.

About Janna: Janna Weldum has been a master energy medicine practitioner for over 20 years. Her tool box of energy trainings and certifications consist of Meditation, Reiki, Healing Touch, Full Spectrum Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT or Tapping. She is certified in Grief and loss support through Claire Bidwell Smith and Grief movement through Paul Denniston. She is also trained as an End of life doula. She continues to take furthering education to be able to align with the most current modalities and approaches to her work and is a teacher at the Rhys Thomas Energy Medicine school. Janna teaches reiki and other energy classes as well. All of these modalities focus on the mind, body, emotion connection and the integration of techniques to aid the individual in relaxation, comfort, peace and healing on many different levels.

Janna Weldum, Eagles Guiding Light

To book these sessions, visit:

  • Friday, July 12th CLICK HERE to Register

    • Breath-Work: (8AM-9:30) Price: $60 per person

    • Meditation (10AM-11AM): Price: $20 per person

  • Friday, July 19th CLICK HERE to Register

    • Breath-Work: (8AM-9:30) Price: $60 per person

    • Meditation (10AM-11AM): Price: $20 per person

  • Friday, July 26th CLICK HERE to Register

    • Breath-Work: (8AM-9:30) Price: $60 per person

    • Meditation (10AM-11AM): Price: $20 per person

  • Friday, August 2nd CLICK HERE to Register

    • Breath-Work: (8AM-9:30) Price: $60 per person

    • Meditation (10AM-11AM): Price: $20 per person

What you will need to particpate:

  • Please REGISTER for the classes you would like to attend. We recommend doing both sessions, however you are able to book seperately if you so choose.

  • Once you are registered please fill out the following WAIVER OF LIABILITY form

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