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Winter Cocktails - A Little Something For Everyone

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Snow Bird

This time of year, we proudly present some of our favorite libations, and we are happy to say we think we have a little something for everyone on this menu.

We have the classics... starting with our Boulevardier. This cocktail originated in the 1920's by an ex-pat in Paris. This amalgamation of art and culture is one that has never been replicated since! This riff on a Negroni is one that is lesser known, but still just as delicious.

Boulevardier $15

Breckenridge Bourbon + Compari +

Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth + Orange

We also have some crave-worthy winter beverages too! If you are anything like us, you need your fix of egg nog around the holidays. Give it a month or two and you will never want another drop -- but when the snow flies all bets are off! There are so many fabulous winter flavors in this cocktail -- vanilla bean, cream, coffee, cinnamon and nutmeg -- it checks all the boxes towards being the perfect holiday sipper.

Egg Nog Russian

Nog Russian $13

Stoli Vanilla Vodka + Egg Nog + Kahlua + Cinnamon Syrup + Nutmeg

For our Florida friends, we have created the Snow Bird. It's the one way ticket to a tropical vacation of our dreams. One sip and you will think you are on South Beach with your feet in the sand. Coconut liqueur and pineapple juice along with toasted coconut and candied pineapple puts us in a tropical state of mind even during the wildest snowstorms.

Snow Bird $11

Coconut Liqueur + Pineapple Juice + Coconut Shavings + Dried Pineapple

Just for fun! Some cocktails are just undeniably delicious and we will find a way to include them on our list no matter what! A margarita may seem like a summer-time favorite, but combine it with cranberry juice and candied cranberries to give it some depth, and it becomes our new winter favorite.

Cran Brrrrrr Rita $12

Patron Silver Tequila + Lime Juice + Cranberry Juice

Cran Brrr Rita

New and exciting! Bombay Bramble just hit the market, and we for one are in love! This berry flavored gin is a great way to re-invision what can typically be a much more floral and herbaceous spirit. We have combined this gin with our house-made berry puree and lightened it up with a bit of sparkling water. This is our twist on a gin fizz -- and we are excited to share it with you!

Bombay Berry Bramble Bubbler $14

Bombay Bramble (Raspberry & Blackberry) Gin + Mixed Berry Purée + Sparkling Water

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