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Yoga On The Docks is back!

We are pleased to announce that Yoga On The Docks is coming back for it's 5th season! Each Sunday from June through September, we will be gathering on the docks at 9:30am for a 1-hour yoga session. As part of your ticket, you will receive a complimentary mimosa or Bloody Mary.

We are blessed to be working with Gyata, Laura & Erin this year as our instructors. They each have different areas of focus but the overall structure of the classes are similar. Our simple aim is to start your morning off with clarity and focus. This slow greeting of the day is centered around breath and balance in a picturesque location. Soak in the gentle morning sun as you face out to the calm waters. Listen to the lap water against the docks and the chirping of birds as you set your intentions for a day full of purpose and possibility.

Tickets are $20 per person. We will be setting up on the back lawn by the water, please bring your own mat if you have one (extras will be available) along with a water bottle, sunscreen, and a small towel.


  • June 5 - Erin

  • June 12 - Laura

  • June 19 - Laura

  • June 26 - Erin


  • July 3 - Laura

  • July 10 - Laura

  • July 17 - Erin

  • July 24 - Gyata

  • July 31 - Erin


  • Aug 7 - Laura

  • Aug 14 - Erin

  • Aug 21 - Gyata

  • Aug 28 - Erin


  • Sept 4 - Gyata

  • Sept 11 - Erin

  • Sept 18 - Erin

  • Sept 25 - Erin

Meet Your Instructor: Gyata

  • Your Instructor: With training in massage therapy, specialized stretching and Forrest Yoga, and over 25 years of teaching experience, Gyata will guide you through an experience that works for your body. In class, you’ll receive general and individual verbal cues to ensure your comfort and the development of your yoga practice.

  • Class Style: Forrest Yoga was created by and named for Ana T. Forrest in 1982. It is known for "its long holding of positions, emphasis on abdominal core work, and standing series that can go on for 20 poses on each side". Throughout class, we will be focusing on experiencing our connection with our breath and the elements.

  • Our Thoughts: Yoga with Gyata is all about synchronizing breath, awareness, and movement. Her gentle demeanor calls us to center ourselves, relinquish our scattered thoughts and to be present in the moment. All levels are welcome and modified movements are encouraged for participants. Soaking up the sunshine (or shade!) and listening to the gentle sounds of the moving water is all part of the experience. Gyata does a great job in establishing the delicate balance between challenging poses and gentle flow. We left feeling grounded, challenged and most importantly centered!

  • Learn More:

Meet Your Instructor: Laura

  • Your Instructor: Laura is a citizen of the world: she speaks six languages and has lived in seven different countries (so far)! Laura has always firmly believed that a healthy mind can more easily exist and better thrive in a healthy body. This guiding principle in life naturally brought her to discover yoga some years ago and it was indeed love at first sight. Laura completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in London, UK in 2018 and stated teaching immediately following.

  • Class Style: Laura's main focus during classes is on the breath, correct body alignment in each asana and (last but not least) safety for all participants. Her preferred mode of practice is a fairly dynamic one. It's also now where each practitioner listens first and foremost to their own individual needs in the present moment.

  • Our Thoughts: Rise and shine with yoga focusing on deep stretching and strength. We love how Laura brings us into a pose, then pushes us to stretch further. With an emphasis on movement and a continued flow, Laura's style activates ignored muscle groups and deeply opens the body. We left feeling renewed balance, increased mobility and like we accomplished a workout!

Meet Your Instructor: Erin

  • Your Instructor: Erin came to yoga as a way to destress and her teaching style reflects that. As an avid adventurer, her travels have taught her that we’re all just people trying our best to navigate our life experiences. Life isn’t always easy, but having fun and finding joy in the little things sure helps!

  • Class style: A light-hearted yoga class to flow, fall, and feel good about yourself! Erin’s classes are a playful space to try on new things and see how they fit. She hopes students leave class having smiled involuntarily at least once and feeling ready to take on the day with a positive mindset. Yoga doesn’t have to be so serious!

  • Our Thoughts: We absolutely love the playful side of yoga. Giving time to yourself and doing something good for your body should never cause you an ounce of stress. Smile, laugh, enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. All those things have fabulous relaxing effects on the body, and that's exactly the how one should start the day!

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