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Easter 2022 @ The Brewster Inn

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Easter is quickly approaching and we are looking forward to making this holiday stress-free for you and your family. Here at The Brewster Inn, we have great options for both brunch and dinner. Space and food are limited so please make sure to make in-house reservations and to pre-order takeout items as early as possible. Call 315-655-9232 or visit for reservations.


12PM – 5PM

Join us in the restaurant for the full dinner menu.


9AM – 12NOON

Bring home crème brulee French toast ($35 for a half pan) with fresh strawberries and house-made whipped cream. Pair that with our chipotle maple sausage ($12 per pound) and an asparagus & swiss or ham & cheddar quiche ($35). Hot & ready to serve.

We recommend 1 half pan French toast, 2lbs sausage and 1 quiche to best feed 8-10 people.


12PM – 5PM

Roasted Ham

Enjoy a natural roasted ham with chantilly potatoes and asparagus

$18 for an individual / $60 for a family of 4

Chicken Francaise

with the option of chantilly potatoes (+ $0) or saffron pasta (+ $2.50)

lemon caper white wine sauce & sautéed spinach

$16 for an individual / $55 for a family of 4

Braised Beef

slow roasted tenderloin paired with chantilly potatoes and veg du jour

$18 for an individual / $60 for a family of 4

Chicken Tenders

with your choice of sweet potato or house cut fries

$14 for an individual / $50 for a family of 4


12PM – 5PM

Order anything from our take-out menu

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