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"Say Yes!" - Coordinating The Perfect Proposal

Today is National Proposal Day!

Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. There is pressure to create the perfect environment in which your love for that person can shine through. We have been blessed to be a part of so many beautiful declarations of love over the past 40 years. So, if you are looking for a little assistance in popping the big question -- look no further than the Brewster Inn.

A Lot To Love

As a top 40 DiRoNA awarded restaurant in the state we have been a landmark on the Syracuse fine-dining scene for over 40 years. This past year we were awarded by for "Best Waterfront Dining" and "Best B&B". Our passion for wine has earned us the coveted "Best Award of Excellence" from Wine Spectator Magazine for our extensive 16,000 bottle climate controlled cellar. Additionally, a renovation project completed in 2021 has given us largest outdoor patio in Central New York.

Did You Know?

We even have our own in-house concierge service! That means, we have a dedicated staff member who will work with you on planning every special detail of this big ask! Whether you need assistance with set-up, lighting candles, sprinkling rose petals, taking photos or just being ready with a celebratory bottle of champagne -- we are here for you!

We've been in the business long enough to know that a one-size fits all approach, is never the best solution. Thus, we aim to curate a very unique experience for each couple we work with. Some love the lime-light, and proclaiming their love with 400 eyes watching is a grand gesture worth taking notice. Then again, this amazing property has many secluded spaces perfect for an intimate moment with just you and your loved one.

Our Perfect Proposal

We thought you'd never ask! Although there is no wrong way to express your love, there is one proposal that we have been hoping to do for the last few years...

  • First, you arrive for your dinner reservation and give your name to the host. She smiles politely but informs you that the table is not ready just yet, and perhaps you'd like to explore the property and come back to her in a few minutes.

  • You take her suggestion, and wander down the sprawling back lawn to the impressive permanent docks. You hold hands as you walk down their sturdy planks to the end. You look out at the vastness of Cazenovia Lake, drop to one knee and pop the question. Completely surprised and entrapped by the beauty of the setting, they exclaim "Yes!"

  • A photographer hidden off to the side has captured the entire moment to be replayed for friends and family. As you turn toward the mansion, the friendly host has arrived to usher you to your table. Not just any table -- but the best table in the house! Situated just steps away from the shoreline is our 1890 table. The most exclusive seat in the restaurant, and for good reason.

  • A bottle of champagne is waiting on the table as you approach. Little does your beloved know -- but the nights entire 5-course menu has been curated by our Executive Culinary team with your help. It will highlight your favorite foods, dishes that hold special significance to you, etc. This meal will take you on the culinary journey of your two lives as they have unfolded together thus far.

  • Following dinner you are met by family and friends for a celebratory night cap as the sun sinks over the lake. Tomorrow will be full of phone calls to announce the exciting news, but for now you sink into your seat and enjoy this perfect moment.

Truly, a proposal (as long as it is done with love) is a success in our eyes! We thank all the beautiful couples who have popped the big question here -- it means the world to us! And for those who are planning something special in the future -- give us a call! We would love to assist anyway we can in making your special moment even more momentous!

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