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UV-Lighting Installed at The Brewster Inn

Considered to be one of the first restaurants in the area to utilize this technology shown effective at neutralizing COVID-19

The Brewster Inn is pleased to announce that they have completed the installation of UV lighting fixtures in all indoor dining rooms. Officially known as “Upper-Room Germicidal UV Fixtures”, these lights are designed to irradiate air that may contain infectious pathogens. Originally modeled to thwart tuberculosis transmission to healthcare workers, UV lights are showing great success in combating COVID-19 in public places.

Becoming increasingly popular in hospitals, airports and colleges, they are also seeing a growing demand in the hospitality industry. Currently installed in a handful of restaurants in the Utica / Rome, The Brewster Inn in Cazenovia is thought to be the first restaurant of its size and capacity to be utilizing this technology in the Greater Syracuse area.

“We feel blessed that we had a great summer of business thanks to our expansive outdoor dining and our supportive customers,” said Co-Owner, Stephen Franks. “As we go into the winter season, it was important to the ownership team to reinvest funds to ensure a safe dining experience for all our patrons and staff.”

Franks, along with partners Kirk Gibson, Jason Wright and Caitlin Gambee agreed that in order for the restaurant to endure the challenges of this pandemic, it was imperative to look to the future.

“The industry is changing each day, and we as a team felt that we need to always be adapting and evolving,” said Gibson. “With the number of restaurants closing, we decided that although this measure may seem drastic to some, that we are willing to do what it takes to give our customers and staff peace of mind.”

The technology, although highly effective is nothing new to the science community. It has been described as harnessing the disinfecting properties of sunlight and using it safely indoors. When used properly, UV lighting systems can neutralize 94% of indoor air by scrambling the genetic makeup of airborne pathogens. To increase its effectiveness, The Brewster Inn has also invested in an air scrubbing device that circulates and cleans air in the front lobby.

The key to safe use of UV light in public spaces is that the rays are directed into the top two feet of air within a room. That air is then circulated by movement of people and via HVAC systems allowing for continuous cleaning. Prolonged direct exposure to UV light can cause irritation to skin and eyes, that is why careful consideration was taken to exclusively target the upper-most portion of each room.

The Brewster Inn hopes that this investment will not only encourage a safe and healthy dining experience for all their customers, but will also inspire other restaurants to implement incremental changes to keep New York on an upward path in the fight against coronavirus.

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