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1890 Table - June 26th, 2021

Another beautiful day, another 1890 Table in the books. We absolutely loved being introduced to this couple. They love to travel and eat adventurously -- what could be better than that!

It was their anniversary, and he was surprising her with an overnight at the inn, and a very special dinner for two.

Planned in advance, everything was arranged. As they came down for dinner, we told them "Just wait a moment down by the water, and we will do our best to find you a table." Little did she know, it was all part of the act! The gazebo table was set with deep purple and gold accents - reminiscent of their wedding day color scheme. Instantly she knew that her husband had planned something extra-special for the dinner. The table was set with roses and antique table settings to perfectly set the tone of the evening.

Chef Quinn and Chef France were told to "Go Rogue!" on this dinner and so they did. Pulling in culinary influences from the couples lives - they were able to curate a menu that they felt best represented the journey their two lives.

First Course was Vichyssoise with tobiko, truffle whipped goat cheese and topped with edible flowers. A great delicate and creamy start -- to prime the palette for what was yet to come!

Next Chef prepared a Caledonian Blue Prawn Ceviche with mango, kimchi, preserved lemon, spring onions. Super light and refreshing on a hot night!

Onward to the Tomato Consommé with sherry gelée, tomato petals, and cucumber. This one was a visual interesting. Great color, great design - and when the broth was added table side, it turned into a great light summer soup dish.

One of the favorite courses of the night was Tuna Tataki with avocado purée, radishes, pickled peppers. This bright and beautiful dish was a delicious as it was stunning!

Following Tuna, Chef opted to prepare a Seared Duck Breast with soy carmel, roasted endives, and celeriac dauphinoise. Simply seasoned and grilled to perfection.

The night closed with a citrus pavlova and a great sunset over the lake. Chef was able to take time to visit with the happy couple as they enjoyed great weather, great food, and (the best of all) great conversation and time together. We feel very fortunate to have been chosen to be a part of such a special milestone in their lives. We wish them many more wonderful anniversaries to come.

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