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3-Courses for $30 - Dining Week 2021 is on!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

In a year where all events seem to be canceled we are delighted to continue the tradition of Dining Week. Historically this event has run annually in many CNY restaurants the two weeks following Valentine's Day. Although this year, we are unsure how many of our fellow restaurants will join in the fun, we are determined to put forward an ever-changing and inventive menu for our patrons.

Believe It!

This menu is 3-courses for $30 plus the applicable tax and gratuity.

As always we will be limited to the current dine-in rules set forth by New York State, but with that said -- the show must go on! Please be sure to make a reservations with us as tables go quickly.

How it works?

Pick one item from each course on the special dining week menu. You do not have to commit to a certain menu before you arrive. We encourage guests to check out the dining week menu along with the regular menu and (if desired) we can always mix and match any items. We will also be running dessert and beverage specials just for that week.

Please keep in mind that we may change the menu along the way. Each night's menu will be posted online at and as we sell out of certain selections we will replace them with alternative options that are equally delicious. So, feel free to visit us multiple times from February 15 - 28th for this ever-evolving menu.

Prefer to do takeout?

Yes, we can do the dining week menu via takeout! Where as the restaurant is open for reservations 5-8PM, takeout is available 4-8PM. Just pick one item for each course and call 315.655.9232 to place your order.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

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