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First "Table 1890" In The Books!

We cannot even start to explain how much Saturday's Table 1890 meant to us as a restaurant family.

This past winter we came up with the concept for offering a nightly chef-curated dinner for two at our most exclusive outdoor table. Known as “Table 1890”, this table offered private seating in our lakefront gazebo. Nestled amongst the flowers, it would be the perfect balance between privacy and elegance. Everything is bespoke -- from the linens to the flowers, to the antique china tableware. Reserved for only one couple each evening, guests can experience this 1890’s gilded-age mansion and its enlightened cuisine in a truly distinctive manner.

... and this past Saturday was our very first event!

A husband wanted to surprise his wife for her birthday. They were just coming back from a mini-vacation and he wanted to show her how much he truly cared in a completely unique way. After chatting with our culinary team about her favorite foods, cultural influences and more, we were able to curated a detailed 7-course tasting menu that would highlight their lives together. Foods they enjoyed together in their relationship and even dishes that paid homage to their wedding dinner.

The plan was simple. The couple showed up on a busy Saturday reservation without a reservation (or so she thought). He asked "Any chance you can spare a table for us?". The host was instructed to say "Yes, we can certainly do that -- but do you mind waiting down by the water until its ready." A very plausible excuse on such a busy night. As they walked down to the water we held our breath -- this was the moment of truth.

He pulled her towards the elegant table set down by the water -- she resisted thinking it was set for someone else. She looked down to see her name on the menu, and all the pieces fell into place. It was for her. A kiss was exchanged and they sat down to dinner. We clapped and cheered for the couple -- not a dry eye in the place! Their favorite bartender and longtime friend walked over with two cocktails as they waited for the meal to begin. Now it was up to us to make sure the food was a vision of perfection.

The Menu:

It was a great honor to learn more about this couple through the foods they loved. They enjoy fine-dining and have traveled to Michelin rated restaurants together to enjoy great food and wine. He has always been an adventurous eater and this is something he has loved sharing with her. She has a penchant for exotic mushrooms and classic Americana desserts. They dearly love seafood and even hosted a New England style lobster boil for their wedding. They are fun, they are foodies, and it was clear to see how much they both care for each other. We poured a lot of love into their menu and we hope that it reflected the love that they share. Everything from scallops, to octopus (a remix of their favorite menu item) to a classically prepared Wagyu steak with mushrooms.

The weather co-operated and we were all treated to a spectacular night. The sunset was a vision of perfection.

Learn More:

Whether it’s a special occasion or simply a moment of respite, our in-house concierge service can assist in creating a magical moment to be remembered.

From start to finish, we look forward to choreographing the evening to your unique preferences. A surprise evening or a planned event, we will make sure you receive the most refined dining experience catering to adventurous palates.

Packages start at $500 plus tax & gratuity. For more information or to reserve your table visit

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