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Menu Announced For France - Monday Wine Series Event on January 22nd

Updated: Jan 26

We are so excited to officially announce the 3-course menu that will be featured for this Monday's "Winter Wine Series" dinner.


Comte Cheese Fondue

Served with grilled

stretch bread



bright and chunky summer vegetable stew,

rich with olive oil, garlic & french herbs


Duck Confit

white bean cassoulet

That night we will also be exploring some of the great wines of France. Our Owner / Wine Manager, Kirk Gibson loves the opportunity to dig into the depths of our 16,000 bottle wine cellar to find unique pairings for the menu. Sometimes he chooses bottles that are most representative of the varietal or region -- and other times he opts for the hidden gems that are oftentimes lesser known within American wine culture.

This self-guided wine pairing can act as a refresher for seasoned wine aficionado or as a primer for novices. Each sample is meant to be enjoyed with food and perfectly paired with the menu of the evening. The entire menu plus wine is $60 per person and can be enjoyed anytime from 5 to 8PM in the restaurant. However seating is limited, so please be sure to book a reservation with us directly.

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