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2019 Business Of The Year

Earlier this month, it was announced that The Brewster Inn, had won the 2019 "Business Of The Year"award from the Greater Cazenovia Area Chamber of Commerce (GCACC).

We are so honored to have been chosen for this award. There are so many other incredible businesses in the Cazenovia area, and we are are delighted to be mentioned in the mix.

The team here at The Brewster Inn works diligently every day to provide the best customer experience we can to our guests. It starts with the smile and greeting they receive coming through the door, to the moment they leave.

We have a lot of love for Cazenovia, our neighbors, customers, and the business community. We appreciate the continued support - which we know is a conscious decision by many to shop local, eat local, entertain local, etc.

We are delighted that we know many of our customers by a first name basis and see them year round for dinner, overnights, purchases from the market, boat cruises, etc. We've loved seeing our Brewster family grow over the years and continue to thrive over the last two years with the new ownership team.

We could ramble on forever, but words will always fall short.

The support of the community truly means a lot.

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