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New Improvements!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

We have surely been busy over here in the last few months working hard to ensure we have a great summer season. A few things to look forward to....

New Patio: The rumors are true! We are in the process of adding 7,500 square feet of new patio space to the upper tier of our lawn. We are proud to announce that we will now have the largest paved outdoor dining space in Central New York. This is complete with built in gas lines to ensure even better heating options for a nice long outdoor dining season. For more details click here.

New Interior Men's Room: say good-bye to avocado green tile and hello to a beautiful new indoors men's room. Thanks to this new construction, we are now 100% handicap accessible offer men more space for wheelchairs, walkers, etc. The new bathroom has a modern yet vintage feel to it that we are so excited to show off!



New Patio Furniture: How could we work on the patio and ignore the furniture that sits upon it? We couldn't! New tables, fire tables, firepits, and chairs have all arrived and are being assembled as we type. We will be hosting a "garage sale" so to speak in the next month for all of our current patio furniture. Stay tuned!

New Outdoor Bathrooms: Today we picked out the tile for the new uni-sex outdoor bathrooms we are creating. They aren't much to look at yet, but by summer they will be ready to go.

New Awning: The outdoor awning on the terrace took a bit of beating this past season. We are excited to say that we have replaced all of the side panels. Not only are they able to withstand the wind off the lake, they also provide a crystal clear view to the water. We hope to have them rolled up most of the time, but on cold, windy, rainy days we will still be able to accommodate al fresco dining options.

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