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Easter Take-Out Options

Easter is coming up quickly, and here at The Brewster Inn, we aim to provide our patrons with a multitude of dining options. We are of course serving from 11am - 5pm in the restaurant, but we also have great to-go choice for those of you who are doing Easter at home.


9AM – 12NOON

Bring home crème brulee French toast ($35 for a half pan) with fresh strawberries and house-made whipped cream. Pair that with our chipotle maple sausage ($12 per pound) and an asparagus & swiss or ham & cheddar quiche ($35).

Hot & ready to serve.

We recommend, 1 half pan French toast, 2lbs sausage and 1 quiche to best feed 5-7 people.


11AM – 5PM

Enjoy a natural roasted ham with crave-worthy sides including home-style scalloped potatoes and garlic green beans. Hot & ready to serve.

Individual = $18 // Family of 4 = $55


11AM – 5PM

Order anything from our take-out menu

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