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Menu announced for 1/15 Monday Wine Series - Italy

Italy, a country renowned for its art, history, and cuisine, is also a treasure trove of exceptional wines that reflect the diversity of its regions, climates, and grape varieties.

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the sun-kissed vineyards of Sicily, Italian wines are a sensory journey that captivates the palate and tells the tale of a rich winemaking heritage.

Join us on January 15th, 2024 anytime from 5PM-8PM (CLICK HERE for reservations) for a 3-course tasting menu featuring the magnificent wines of Italy. For $60 per person guests will be treated to the below tasting menu for the evening along with a self-guided wine flight of complimentary wines that best express the key attributes of Italy's mark on the wine industry.

Whether you join us to grow your knowledge of wine, or just want to treat yourself to a great meal with stellar wine -- we support your endeavors! Each wine has been hand-selected by Owner / Wine Manager, Kirk Gibson in an effort to best represent his favorites from the country of study.


-First Course-

Arancini Cake

with sweet pea filling in parmesan risotto topped in a pomodoro sauce

paired with gavi di gavi

-Second Course-


tellagio cheese & mushroom ragout

paired with Cotarella Sodale Merlot

-Entrée Course-

Braised Italian Beef

with gorgonzola polenta

paired with Rosso Palazzo Della Torre

Remember, reservations are required and seating is quite limited, so book your reservation by calling 315.655.9232 or visiting

Italian wines are more than beverages; they are a voyage through history, tradition, and the diverse landscapes that define each region. Whether you're sipping a classic Chianti or exploring the boldness of a Super Tuscan, each bottle reflects the craftsmanship and passion that define Italian winemaking.

Raise a glass to the timeless elegance of Italian wine—a symphony of flavors that captures the essence of a country where every vineyard tells a story, and every bottle is a masterpiece. Cin cin!

And if you enjoyed this event, please join us the following Monday, January 22nd for our exploration of France. Reservations Required

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