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Perfecting The View In 2022

We have always thought that the view from the back patio is one of the most breathtaking in all of Central New York. We could be a bit biased, we suppose - but at the end of the day we are so proud to be the caretakers of this stunning property! Benjamin Brewster surely knew what he was doing back in 1890 selecting this property as his future home.

This year, the ownership team decided to invest greatly in perfecting the view that we so love. With help from our friends at Green Scapes, we decided to grade the lawn -- removing any lumps, bumps and imperfections. It was two full days of work to get the slope of the lawn the way we wanted. We also had some repair work to do. The left side of the lawn had once been filled in with sand and had to be completely removed. The sand created a soggy areas of the lawn which had the tendency to get water-logged after heavy rains.

We also did a few additional cosmetic upgrades. We removed the base of our old flagpole which was knocked over in last year's June windstorm. A new flag pole was soon after erected, yet the remains of the old one lingered as an eyesore on the property. Once the lawn was perfectly sloped towards the water, we then planted all new sod from Sky High Farms.

The Sod Truck Arrives

(Just one of the two loads we ordered)

Laying Down The Sod

A Thing Of Beauty

After Being Graded & Leveled

New Sod!

Additionally, you may notice quite a few additional waterfront improvements.

  • We have terraced the kayak racks on the left side of the property so that everything is level.The racks now stand on a permeable hard surface of crushed stone.

  • We have built a packed stone pathway down to the water front for better traction.

  • We are also adding 15 trees to the waterfront landscape, along with 6 new rose bushes.

  • We are adding additional lighting to the property to ensure that it is safe and illuminated.

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