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Summer Renovation Projects - New Floors, Doors, Chairs & More...

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

As a rule of thumb, we say that we will never do improvement projects on the property in the summer. Never. The thought behind that is that we are just too damn busy to focus on anything else.

Yet, when we heard that Mastercraft Remodeling had an opening in their schedule, we jumped at the chance to work with them. John Marinelli and his crew are Brewster-family who also happen to specialize in historic renovations. People we trust who have a keen eye and appreciate every inch of early 1900 craftsmanship. We tasked them with changing the layout of a few dining rooms, and making guests say "this must have been built in 1890!"

No small feat to say the least!

They started by knocking down a wall between the "porch dining room" and the "living room". Both of those dining rooms can hold approximately 50 people each, but with the addition of sliding doors, we are now capable of holding 100 people in one room.

Yes, you heard right -- events of 100 people that we previously couldn't accommodate -- we now can!

They broke through the brick wall (yes, brick! This wall was originally an exterior wall in the 1890's) and created stunning pocket doors matching all the accents original to Brewster's selections. We dug into the depths of the basement to repurposed massive doors that were removed from other areas of the inn to create the sliders. The years of clumpy paint was removed and they were restored to perfection. We cannot even begin to imagine how many hours this one task took! Glass accents were place atop the doors, and antique windows now line either side of the entrance way. We are so delighted to have vintage mercury glass side panels to give the door frame a truly authentic look and feel.

It is truly stunning.

Oh, and wait, there is more!

We ripped up all the old carpeting and put down wood floors to match the colors look Brewster himself chose for the entranceway. Side note: Unfortunately the wood floors underneath the carpet were too damaged to restore to their original beauty, but we thought this was the next best thing.

And we aren't stopping there! We just ordered all new chairs for the dining rooms along with new chandeliers. We will disclose the style of the new chair, but we are letting the fabric be a surprise to all! Chairs went into production this week, and should make their way to us very soon!

Our New Chair

Ok, ok, we will stop with the purchasing!

Honestly, probably not. We LOVE this place and we are committed to #1. protecting the historical beauty of the building. If we can't restore the original assets, we aim to create an aesthetic that Benjamin Brewster himself would be proud of.

If you are interested in working with Master Craft Remodeling, or to learn more about their historic restorations call John at 315.876.1806 or email

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