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Moroccan Chef's Table A Great Success

Another great Chef's Table on the books!

Chef de Cuisine, David France is has always been known for his inventive Chef's Table events.

France typically steers clear of the classic French / New American cuisine popular at The Brewster Inn and uses his talents to explore other cultures and cuisines when given the chance.

And boy is it worth it!

For the February 1, 2019 event, France was inspired by the flavor profiles of Morocco and North Africa.

Starting at 7PM sharp, this $60 per per 4-course tasting menu was rich with exotic spices, scents, and flavors.

Please see below for photos of each course.

Also, please note, the next Chef's Table event "Comfort Foods Re-imagained" on February 8th is currently sold out.

Please join us for a future Chef's Table. The complete list of events is available on

Bon Apetit!

First Course

Second Course

Entree Course

Dessert Course

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