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A Perfect Proposal - John & Elizabeth

Ever since the first moment that we announced the existence of the 1890 Table, we have been wishing and hoping that it would be utilized for a proposal.

In our minds, it was the most perfect and intimate venue for an occasion of that caliber. We even put out an announcement that we were hoping to find the perfect couple to be our first (of hopefully many!) happy engagements. Click here to read the full story.

When John approached us we knew we couldn't have found a better couple! He was a foodie to the core and wanted the dinner to have some influence from Portuguese cuisine. Our culinary team led by Chef David France was delighted to take on the challenge.

Upon arrival, Elizabeth anticipated that the rest of her family would be joining for a dinner reservation. Our host (and conspirator) told the couple that the table was not ready currently and that they should take a walk around the property while we got it ready.

John and Elizabeth walked down on the docks -- where he popped the big question and she said yes! Kerrie of Kerrie Lynn Photography appeared at the perfect moment to capture it all -- the surprise, the excitement, the cheers and possibly even a few (happy) tears!

Elizabeth was surprised and overjoyed to see the work that John put into the night. The table was set with all custom antique china, candles, blankets and more. Mother Nature kept up her end of the bargain to provide perfect weather the whole night through.

The five course tasting menu was a hit -- and the best part was that the couple had some time to themselves. To enjoy the food, the view, and to talk about the next big adventure that they would be taking together!

At the end of the night, friends and family members boated over to pick them up on the docks! Talk about a grand exit!! We couldn't be more happy for Elizabeth and John and we hope that they include us in their milestones both big and little along the way. We we honored to be a part of this special moment and we wish them health and happiness in their lives together!

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