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Renovations Season!

Updated: May 10, 2022

We always talk about how May through October is our "busy season" here at The Brewster Inn. What we always forget to mention is that once January hits, we are busy in an entirely different way. Winter around here is known as renovations season.

During this time, we hope to accomplish as many projects as we can, knowing that summer will be here before we know it.

Here are a few of the things we accomplished this winter, that we are delighted to share with you this summer.

Room #5:

This room got a bathroom makeover! As our smallest room on the property, this one needed to better utilize the space it has We have expanded the bathroom to accommodate a larger modern shower, a new vanity, and toilet. The bedroom is also getting new carpeting and wallpaper. The bedroom in this guest room was remodeled this past year, but we are so looking forward to this additional refresh!

Room # 5 : Before

Room #5 : During Construction

Room #5: After

Outside Lighting: As a safety measure we have always wanted to have more light in the parking lot. We now have large period-correct lighting around the horseshoe driveway and two new lights at each entrance.

Lakeside Lounge:

We have dedicated a portion of the patio as a lounge for the upcoming summer season. This area will be used for dinner guests as well as for private events. It is still a work in progress as we speak, but picture this -- couches, chairs and plenty of soft seating mixed in with firepit tables and water features. Intermixed will be some hightop tables and chairs along with a portable bar. More photos coming soon!

Re-sodding The Lawn:

This year, the ownership team decided to invest greatly in perfecting the view that we so love. With help from our friends at Green Scapes, we decided to grade the lawn -- removing any lumps, bumps and imperfections. Once the lawn was perfectly sloped towards the water, we then planted all new sod from Sky High Farms. For the full story, click here.'

The Lawn Being Re-Graded:

The Lawn Being Re-Sodded:

Kayak Launch Upgrades:

We have terraced the kayak racks on the left side of the property so that everything is level.The racks now stand on a permeable hard surface of crushed stone.We have also built a packed stone pathway down to the water front for better traction.

More Trees:

We are also adding 15 trees to the waterfront landscape, along with 6 new rose bushes.

Room #10: Another Bathroom makeover! Room #10 is our master suite. This third floor room features a king bed, jacuzzi, deluxe shower and the best lake view in the building. This large bathroom received a complete upgrade.

Room #10: During Construction

Room #10: After

New Front Desk:

We have officially moved the "old" front desk out of the way, to make space for the incoming "new" front desk which is being custom-built currently.

Moving The Old Front Desk & Making Way For The New

Work In Progress

Power-Washing The Patio:

There are so many many more projects that we are have in the works, that we look forward to sharing with you soon!

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